Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You care!

Dear FM,

You know how much I obsess with my own pictures then gave me this. Thank you! This means a lot to me and you because we both have the same initial. I’m here to say THANK YOU and I LOVE U =)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

23rd Birthday Story

Salam everyone.

Thank you for visiting my miserable blog. First thing first before I think of what kind of story I will share to you here, my problem is to choose what language I will put on. Sometime, there are not easy to deal with English as well as my engelisshhh is not so damn good. Depend on story I guess.

So now, let’s start up with HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO ME! Hahahha. Actually, what I love of having the date of 28 april on calendar every year is the wishes from people around. I’m so impressed and surprised with the non-stop wishes because everyone prays for your health and wealth ehhe also pray for jodoh to come earlier. insyaAllah. =)

Some holidays celebrate New Year, some celebrate religions or famous people but when it comes to your day, everyone celebrates you! Yeyy. Hahahha. So on that day, my intern’s family surprised me with SR cake! How bless I am to have this circle that make me feel like a home. Thank you everyone, I kept this memory forever and hope I could do the same thing like what had you guys planned. It’s weird actually when suddenly Siti @ Tomen (my utem mate called her by this name) asked me not to fast on Tuesday because she wanted to buy me an ice cream as a birthday treat. I didn’t expect anything more than just an ice cream.
I was so shy at that time u nohhh
But on lunch hour, the old intern si Prakash came back to the company for some reasons smiled at me with his very fishy eyes. I thought he missed me that was why he looked me in a different way hahaha. Tapi rupa rupanyaaaa, he knew something was going to happen. Obviously, the tables were full with all intern mates and also mama Jerine who is our great lady in this AUSP. WEIRDDD, because mama not always takes her lunch together with us. They didn’t act like that day was not my birthday. Suddenly it was a cake with 2 candles on it, how surpriseeedddd :D

Jap tarik nafas, breath in and out.

They wished in the morning and were nice to me as usual but their action really showed something was going to surprised me during lunch hour. I share the same birthday with Yazory, the Jordan guy. Then I guess that was why it worth to celebrate with a cake for 2 birthday chicks : D 

My birthday 2015 was not the best birthday I had in my life, have to admit it but this year must be my most memorable day for my entire life because of the surprise and birthday song that they sang for me at company café. It quiet cliché but who else are given this mercy and bravery to sing and make noise in front of a lot of employees? Only my interns family, I love you all like my own family!!

It all started at 12 am on 28 April 2014. I slept 2 hours before and suddenly woke up at 11.30 pm just to drink some plain water. Hot night huh. I was alone on that night because my housemate took medical leave. But never felt empty when D is always there for me when I need someone to talk. Thank you D, I really appreciate your kindness and time that we spend together till now (tutup mukaaaa)

Although D always listens to my stories, he was not the first person to wish my birthday padahal tengah whatsapp tu. Guess the first person who never fails to wish my birthday on time? IT’S MY MOM. Yes, always number one wisher and she made me cried with her soft and touchable words. Tsk. I love you mak, more than everything. You are savior of my life and always be my BEAUTIFUL QUEEN from 28 April 1992 till now on.

close up siked hahahaha thank you dear fav people
yang sanggup karang banyak2 ni :D

Whenever I had leisure time, I checked my phone and people kept wishing me for goods. Even then I wasn’t give up to say ‘thank you’ :D Thank you again for your love and care dear friends and family.

crazy friend of mine. hahaha jilaka

May this year bring so much rezeki and rahmat from Allah. Next year will full of joy and celebrate insyaAllah =)

Eventho aku dah tua tapi masih ada yang beri kek hihi thank you! Yang tak boleh bla, member baik si Miqdad siap call tapi aku tak angkat then mengamok dekat whatsapp. Hormon tinggi sangat lettew. Macam dia yang mengandung.


Happy 23rd belated birthday for me!