Friday, March 20, 2015

The 1st Month of Internship

Hello everyone,


how are you guys? do you guys having a good day today? how was your days since the day i left you guys behind? hahahha jkjkjk 

i still here, love everybody around me and be loved. bhahahha perasan

thanks Allah for letting me free from classes in the early morning ;)) 
*i hate class in the morning*

just for your information i am sitting here in my office while updating this new entry for my followerssss (if there are still) yekyek

i do have own office.
yaddaaaaa i am at AUO Sunpower doing my internship here for 6 months. 
how time flies, i have been here for almost a month. i remember how was the first time i walked to the gate of this huge company and felt all alone, emptiness and no hope. (padahal ada je kawan hahaha) 

but yeahh its really weird to be at a place without my parents. =( 

i am sooo small compared to this huge building tskk
and its means i am nothing for it.

yaaa im 23 years old still depends on my parents in every single things. at least stand up by their advice. 

so for the first day my parents didnt say anythings accept to be careful and jangan belanja kuat sangat. hahahaha. 

even my first day at my rental house pon i buy all the needs alone, without my parents but with Zana. hehe

on that time i realized that i ni dah besarrrrr and need to handle it byself. insyaAllah i try my best =)

the interns, same day of induction. mira, tomen and maira.
dah sebulan, yaa i did learned something. oh before that, i ditempatkan di Quality Engineering Department. my supervisor is one of the senior engineers here. quiet silence and more to action. thihi

tapi yang jaga and guide me from day one is Abang Shukri. seronok because i can learn so many in a day (kalau masuk production la). most of the time takde keje pon. tapi kalau ade keje yaaaa mmg busy. nak makan pon tak sempat. 

i am in my own division in QA where my work scope is only on calibration. any tools that need to calibrate, im the one who follow abang Shukri to settle that sht hahhahha. quite interesting but a lot to study back then. kene baca procedure dulu before go in line. soo manyy, but slowly learn that too.

acah baca procedure kah

kalau tak ke production, i need to sit on my cubical and maybe abang Shuk will give me some exercises to do. and also the proposal. 

so far i involve in asking an auto notification of triggering system from management. masuk dalam bright ideas kot but surely its not my truly idea. by the proposal, yaa i did that with the helps of abang Shuk. 

Geng UTeM

so far here is the right place to be more friendly than i used to be. seriusly, feel so happy to get attached around happening group. kitorang like united gilaa siap ade whats up group sendiri for intern students after we had done with an event last two weeks. hehe 

Ramai intern hokay,, rasa mcm ukhwah sangat engkoooo

so what i can say is, life is too short to realize how time flies and now you are standing in the middle of study and work that you never imagine before how the real environment will be. 

5 months to go =)