Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Busy Day before Kelantan event

Phewww what a bz dayyyyy. Im quite sure i didnt know who is myself who go through this day with patiently and hardwork! Badan dah penat gilaaaaa but my eyes still need something to be cheers for.

Dari pagi bangun, kelas at 8 am with lecture than continued with lab session at 11 (gap an hour work up with jumpa lecturer). Then continued my responsibility with attending the tutorial session at 2pm and guess what. I just ate a bowl of cococruch with low fat calcium milk. Just for energy je kot. Pff

Last class ended at 4.30pm next settle kan buku photostat oleh :dearest classmates then went for formal training. Not that formal lah, santai2. Hilangkan stress and was preparing for next indoor masum at kelantan. Yes, I'm going to visit kelantan where they keep telling me there will be 10hours in the way to reach Timur. Wow its gonna be my new fvcking experience. Tak pernah naik bus berjam lamanyaaa.

Besok the classes will end up at 4pm. Just wondering by now what class I'm going to escape, hahahaha. beb please, baju tak pack lagi and everything tak sentuh pon lagi. Zzzzz

Bz dayyy with bz mode. Arghh okay. Lets positive-ing our mind. Be creative. Be punctual. Be what u wanna be. okay. Dah pukul 2 pagi. Lets sleep. Besok kelas start pkul 8am. Dugaannnn...

May Allah ease everything aminnnn


Monday, September 16, 2013

1st Week at the 1st Semester for the 3rd Year Degree


Done facing the first week of the third year studying. What i can say is AWALNYA START KELAS PPFFFF. Its really happened dude. I tot at the first week, lecturers will leave us to breath in and out and give the times to attach our soul for a new semester after having a long holidays. I'm totally wrong. I can feel the hardness of being the 3rd year student of degree. 

Okaylah for the introduction i will share you my new place where it can protect me and give me a reason to have a great life. hihi. taraaaaaa

Cantik tak bilik iolls? Hihi i just bought the pink drawer, yang lain brought it from parents home. Kene bahan sebab bawak that katil ABC haha they never know katil tu dah stand for years. When i was a kid lagi. The green pinkish theme jadilah... sikit... :P *bukan interior designer*

My parents sent me off hari jumaat. Luckily lah bonet kereta ayah boleh muat katil dgn tilam tu. Terima Kasih Allah for let me having this such lovely parents. Banyak sangat mereka berkorban untuk iolss alhamdulillah. May Allah pay them with Jannah. 

Housemates are classmates, classmates are roommates. So nothing is wrong i guess sebab we know each other for 2 years and get to know a million step closer! =)

Monday morning and i had to face the lab introduction and make some practical on software. Its like wowwwwwwww i dont ready yet lah haihh. 

Nah ambek kau, SosioLab software dalam subject control system! Terkejut tak terkejut lah kan seeing those thing which is not so much familiar. Ada tu lecturer iolls very smart at physically look and sumpah smart jugak dalaman. Cuba teka siapa. eh kbai takde motif

Then, cuci mata kejap tengok gambar iolss! :P 

Ini serius taken with no real motif. Pff

Tapi gambar ni bermotif sikit. We were celebrating
the end of the first week of lecture. hihi

Then my life ruined with math calculation for the early morning with Advance Power System subject. The brain shocked terus jadi kejutan elektrik sampai kejung. Simply math for matrix pon i was like stalking friends who seat beside. haha teruk!


For the nights, i had most beautiful memories with le friends. Day one i went out with best friend, day two with housemate and day three with super best friends LEADS.

Went out to fulfill our stomach at Api Api Steamboat dekat area AEON Jusco Melaka yang baru. Cool giler lah sebab iolss tak pernah makan dekat sini and that was my first time. Punya berkilo kilo iols ambil ayam dan daging. Sayur, aiskrim dan banyakkkkkkk lagi. Seriously, kenyang nak mampos. I drove back home and turn on sleeepyyy mood! haha. Ladies night, so kitorang paid for RM18 per head. Berbaloi. =)
Api-api Steamboat

The next day i went out with dearest LEADS Melaka yang sempat berkumpul. Dah lama tak jumpa, no awkward and everything went so fvcking annoying! Bluuerghhh

Especially Saborg lah kan. Sape je tak tau perangai dia. -.-Tapi jengkel2 pon ini lah yang buat malam2 iols rasa bahagia hihi. *jangan kabo ke orang tau. iolls malas puji mika ni lebih2* 

Pak Putra Naan lepas tu Bowling! :D
Terima kasih Ketua LEADS Cawangan Melaka, Nisak Othman
sebab susah2 rancangkan pertemuan kita ni =)

Kelas memang pack sangat and dah ada pon kelas ganti untuk this public holiday. Sabar dan cuba ikhlaskan diri. InsyaAllah i have to get something this semester! Pray for me. thanks :)