Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Busy Day before Kelantan event

Phewww what a bz dayyyyy. Im quite sure i didnt know who is myself who go through this day with patiently and hardwork! Badan dah penat gilaaaaa but my eyes still need something to be cheers for.

Dari pagi bangun, kelas at 8 am with lecture than continued with lab session at 11 (gap an hour work up with jumpa lecturer). Then continued my responsibility with attending the tutorial session at 2pm and guess what. I just ate a bowl of cococruch with low fat calcium milk. Just for energy je kot. Pff

Last class ended at 4.30pm next settle kan buku photostat oleh :dearest classmates then went for formal training. Not that formal lah, santai2. Hilangkan stress and was preparing for next indoor masum at kelantan. Yes, I'm going to visit kelantan where they keep telling me there will be 10hours in the way to reach Timur. Wow its gonna be my new fvcking experience. Tak pernah naik bus berjam lamanyaaa.

Besok the classes will end up at 4pm. Just wondering by now what class I'm going to escape, hahahaha. beb please, baju tak pack lagi and everything tak sentuh pon lagi. Zzzzz

Bz dayyy with bz mode. Arghh okay. Lets positive-ing our mind. Be creative. Be punctual. Be what u wanna be. okay. Dah pukul 2 pagi. Lets sleep. Besok kelas start pkul 8am. Dugaannnn...

May Allah ease everything aminnnn


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