Saturday, February 11, 2012

Disebalik Tabir Family Day LEADS0509 [1.0] #3

i take two days to end up the part 3 family day LEADS. but i have no idea. blank. no word can describe how sad i am. yes, i am sad to clear this thing up. if i ended up this part 3, i would not talk about LEADS anymore. but i should to do so..... It's the way i’m feeling.. i just can't deny.. but i have to let it go...

call me a doctor, i need a doctor...  to bring me back to life..

ok, call a doctor tu takde kena mengena..
no story, just klik here to read more.  >ASY FARO, blogger yang hensem<

kenapa kepala saya besar? sebab badan saya nampak kecik kan?

to LEADS. i love you all. no friends can make me smile like you all did..i just can melt for you LEADS. 

all LEADS, i just can put you at the top of my carta hati.. 
you all are awesome, gojes, handsome and as smart as the official name of us, LEADS.
bukan untuk LEADS yg sempat hadir je, but to all LEADS 2005-2009..
thanks a lot for enlighten my life with so much wonderful memories, sweet or bad memories hehe

thanks for helping me to grow up for who i am now. as gojes as you can see. erkk
thanks for tangan2 yang memeriahkan hari keluarga ni..
thanks for everythinglah. i gonna die if i list it all here. thehhiii!
hope kita akan tetap kuat macam ni :)

sorry, my words are not like a poet but apa yang aku tau, korang batch terbaik yang pernah aku jumpa! 

nampak tak yang link blog aku kat semua gambar tak sama besar n color. you know why? ok, thanks sebab paham... bye eh jap, weh, can you please just ignore my grammar? im here to right anything that come up in my mind. not the grammar, but the point. aku malas nak buat ayat sastera bahasa melayu dan juga ayat essay english. so forgive me for any grammar error here. my bad. k thanks. assalamualikum

P/S : what is LEADS0509? da mention kat post2 sebelom ni.. just repeating... 
LEADS 0509 - League of Educated Amalgamated and Dominating STJrians (LEADS) is the name of batch 2005-2009, SM Sains Tuanku Jaafar (STJ)

photos credit to Chung Ho Naqiudin.

like kalau suka, komen kalau nak cakap sesuatu :)


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dlm post nie.. muka gua tak de... kih3 :D:D:D #fact

winna shinta said...

jangan la sedih der. kahkah.

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harus! :P