Saturday, June 2, 2012

Let Start the Fire

hey JUNE. I LOVE U =)

first day on study week, not so boring. study while listening to Zain Bhika Nasheed songs. so tenang, home alone. but home alone is not bring happiness sometime when over than 12 hours you never speak to anybody.

happy study friends =)

if anything i do wrong and hurt yourself, with honor i beg your forgiveness..
if anything i owe you, please ask me to pay you back..
if anything i promise and i don't fulfill it yet, let me know..
if anything... please please please let me know and forgive me..
i am just a human being..
i can't satisfy all the hearts..
but 1 thing you should know, i just love you all for who you are and i don't hate people =)



Asy Faro said...

comel lah wina shinta~


hananotgojes said...

HAHA! shit. gelakkan saye kemain panjang lagi!