Saturday, April 26, 2014

How PSM affects my life.

Assalamualaikum. hello thereeeee

whatsup? ahh lama tak jenguk sini. dan aku tak yakin ada orang nak baca lagi entri post sini hahhaa

first of all nak greeting my self, happy PSM-ing hana banana! owh god i still cant believe that week 10 is just passing the time and i have to present my bachelor degree project on week 12. how pathetic i am, for not using my time properly and now pon still can update on blog! hahahaha *flips hair*

oh please everyone, pray for me. my PSM title is Vibration Measurement System Analysis by using Piezoelectric. And for everyone yang pernah involve in this project, with my big heart (berbesar hati lah), come and help me. I will appreciate your helps guys. =)

greeting for my coursemates also, wehhh wake up. presentation is around the corner and just dont belok2. kakaka! *hambar an*

and my preparation is still on, i keep on reading some of related journals and books. well yehh, i went to library as my usaha tangga kejayaan. padahal nak jejak kaki ke sini setahun sekali pon belom tentu ada probability tu woi. even 1 out of 10 times lalu depan library sumpah tak pernah ada niat nak stay sana. what psm did to me, THIS! pergi library.

this is not easy man, i went deeply, through all the days on finding on what i want what i do not need. i learn so hard to figure out everything as fast as i can do and luckily i know myself even better. alhamdulillah for those days ya Allah. 

u know what, final degree year is not playful part to be enjoy with. kau kene lalui banyak benda such as problem with your surrounding people, lack of spending time with family and the bigger loser is the time for yourself! frankly speaking, i am not enjoying my time gila2 mcam dulu lagi. every week must be a progress in this project and sure with the helps of my supervisor, abang cam. hehe and what u need the most now is the FAITH. 

i cant go out easily, i cant be a slut with my bebi zana haha *this part i cant deny*, i cant be a child seeking an attention from my parents anymore, i cant be everything that i used to be. now, jadi budak nerd yang strong and rajin membaca. hihi

i am not going to blame myself on my own 'takde mase untuk diri sendiri', i am here just to cheer myself up and show you guys how PSM taught me for my whole life. 

eh relax, not that scary pon lah adik2. PSM tak scary like kalau fail rasa macam nak bunuh diri. no, its not like that. go with the flow insyaAllah everthing will be fine. =)

cukup la tu, belanja selfie sekeping. how tired i am. gambar atas ni was captured at my fav cafe lepas taklimat PSM on how to write in english haa gito. So muka quiet lapaarrr. hahaha okay enough here. great day everyone. xoxo