Monday, June 7, 2010

sebulan dah aku di KMJ. nak tau story??

heyya! guess what..? i am now in my information technology class!! yeahha. i love this class so much la dude! sbb ni la peluang aku nak on blog dan post sumthing about ME!~ hahaha
miss my blog sooo muchh ;DD
oke let's start. 

how your life there? 

everyone asks the same question. here i answer yours! ;)
my life in kmj is quit tough. no time for other messy thing. i have to complete my assigments rushingly! . xde tangguh-tangguh macam kat sekolah dulu laaa!
too bz. today's assignment is done. by then tomorrow, here come a new assigment! fuhh. really tired i tell u!
what kind of assignment that u have suppose to do hana?

simple question, .. sometimes, the lecturer give us a few questions from the tutorial book which marks of 12 in average.
its called penilaian berterusan. 10% include in our final exam.. only 10%?huh..
(hey u,, hingat senang ke nak dapat 10% untuk final nanti.. kan kan kan? uhuhu)
soft-hearted lecturer (ececece) will give us 2 or 3 days  as the due date to submit our assignments. lucky u if u have one! ahha

do you happy with your life-style in KMJ?
OF COURSE YES! (tipu tipu dan tipu)

i miss my home laa.. homesick! sakit rumah.. miss my mum,, my ayah.. and sume laa.. ;) rindu giler .. 
yesterday, my mum bawak g shopping kat bandar tangkak. besh la.. dapat kua same2.. then bila malam, tibe2 je kot aku nangis! wahh..malu.. hhaha..

but now, i am already OK! once u da nangis, u fell better dear. jgn simpan simpan XD
alhamdulillah..aku oke skrang.. dan sangat semangat untuk mulakan hari kuuu ;)

ehh jap,, arini aku live in new environment. new classmates,, new lecturers.. sebab ...aku di'remove'kan dri my old class yang giler best i cakap u! tapi nak buat camni.. system had decided that for us! redha je ;)

denga cite kat sini ade kes bunuh diri.. ghost story la wehh.. x takot pon.. hahaha

fren, thnx 4 reading.. daaa