Tuesday, September 17, 2019

How I Get My New Job

Salam gaiss...

Come here again to share my happiness that happened during my favorite month. Aku tak tau nak start macammana jadi penceritaan agak berterabur sikit. I believe every hardship followed by ease, either we realize it now or later. Allah will not tested us for nothing. Sebelum nak dapat kehidupan yang lebih baik, Allah akan uji benda2 yang masih mampu kau hadap. Positivie je, insyaALLAH.

The happiest news was I got a new job after so many effort had been done. How did I get it? Here is the story how the idea of changing my environment was pop up in mind.

Make a Plan
I didn't always have a fixed destiny for past few years cause life if too short to not enjoy the spontaneous adventures in my life. But early this year, I eager to manage my life properly according to plans. I started with a simple dream I wish I could buy and give a target month when can I get them. In meanwhile try to settle up hutang2 keliling pinggang. And dreams grow bigger to have a new life, new environment, new salary of course until finally I wrote I WANT A NEW JOB in my dream list earlier Feb. Even though I had no idea how its gonna work.

Lepas dah tulis dekat diary, rasa semangat nak buat some effort. Aku nak kerja baru sebab nak salary baru dan career growth, niat kerana Allah. Hundreds attempt we did on job-street just to get out of previous cycle. STRUGGLE IS REAL! Alhamdulillah early Feb, I was invited to attend 1 interview at Shah Alam (US automotive company) for same position but properly reject it due to several issues. Husband aku dapat dulu area sana tapi dia decline sebab aku masih tak dapat tukar kerja. Rasa susah nak PPJ bila dah biasa berdua. A few weeks after dia decline, aku dapat job iv ni. Tapi masing2 dah redha. Mungkin bukan rezeki kat Shah Alam.

Never give-up
The struggle of looking for a new job was not stop there. Looking for a job nowadays is not easy (economy problem). Always talk to yourself, DON'T GIVE UP! After few months of hunting, kali ni fikir kalau husband dapat dulu pon, let him go first. Finally on April 2019 husband got a job offer at Nilai and I got the chance to join semicon industry at Senawang (really appreciate my friend's recommendation). Tak sangka kali ni aku dengan husband dapat sama2 tukar ke negeri yang sama.The best part is, Allah hears every cry and doa from us. He knows how hard we try. Alhamdullilah, Allah made it easier for both of us. Dari pindah rumah, sesuaikan diri dengan kerja baru dan level acceptance of my son kat taska baru.

As I said before, making a movement to leave your comfort zone is not easy. Leaving a job can be one of the most stressful occasions in your working life. You left some your routines, habits and small daily rituals from your previous company. You will feel uncomfortable, confuse and struggle in new environment. Even though I knew what I am going to face, why still I need to move? Family and career growth. That's it.

The point is, don't be afraid to have big dreams of yours. Write it on and act upon it. Aku tak sangka aku boleh buat dengan hanya tulis2 dekat diary. Dreaming is free, praying is free, how to achieve the dream is counted the most. May Allah ease our journey.

Adik2 SIC. I may not knowing each one of you, but you gais were the greatest team I ever had!

Take the risk
Ramai tanya aku, macammana nak buang perasaan takut dengan persekitaran yang baru. Kau mesti akan terfikir nak get out of what you are doing now. But at the same time, you are afraid to move on. Sebab bagi kau, company kau keje sekarang dah selesa sangat dah walaupon kekadang stress dan rasa gaji tak cukup. Kau dah malas nak make a new friend kat tempat baru, dah tak larat nak belajar benda baru dan banyak lagi yang ada dalam kepala korang kan. Sama jugak la macam aku. Tapi bagi aku biarlah berkorban sikit sekarang untuk hidup yang lebih baik. Bila tukar kerja, bukan bermaksud previous company tak bagus. We are moving to a new bigger stage of our lives. Take the risk. Don't be afraid, you are still young to explore out of your current cycle. Life is about exploring, traveling and love. Eh tetiba. HAHA. 

Last with uniform

Appreciate people around you. 
So kesempatan ni, nak wish all the best to my fellow colleagues at KM! Thank you for everything. Selama 4 tahun oi dekat sana. Sekarang pon belum boleh fully move on to new environment. Tak mintak pon ade farewell macam ni! HAHAHA. Gonna miss you all. May we gather again next time!

KM, where my career began.. Gittews

with my plastic team! Thank you so much, I did learn a lot with you gaisss! rindu =(

The best boss I ever had! Thank You Ito-san for all this years.

QA Team on that night! All 4 bosses were there. Thank you team.

My best partner ever! Thanks you Apple for everything! I owe you a lot =(
Tu je nak cerita. Semoga dapat sesuatu dari pembacaan kalian. 

P.S: my first 90 days of new job was like emotional rollercoaster. There’s so much to learn, so many people to meet. I will share it one day, hopefully :D

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