Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Heyya gaiss,

since my last entry we didnt hear to each other so here we keep in touch again! thank you for clicking on my link and make a good decision on reading this for idk maybe just for fun or wasting your time there i will never care. but 1st thank you for keep reading!

yahhhhh, propose of this entry> i just wanna say thank you for all your doa cause now on, alhamdulillah i step up into a new world called 'kulination'.

What is that mean? owww kulination is one of the urban words that created by Hana Zainal who thinks she is the most hipsterrr and fabulous thinker in the worldd eww. haha. but seriously i wanna thanks God, my parents who never judge me from my pointer, my supportive family, friends of benefit, girls gossip team, makcik jiran sebelah who always compare my study duration with her daughter, dear lecturers and teachers, and allllllll of youuuuuu.

i had never imagined to become an engineer as long as i know, engineers need strong heart and mind which are not referring to me at all. but fate brings me here, where i lay now. Far from my hometown and once again... i never wanted to become like who i am today. its a long story until i realize this is my field, i took 4 years degree in engineering and i just cant let this thing wasted without applying it somewhere. Allah had planned the best for us He could, even when we think we are not good enough to carry. 

belanja la siked

people keep wow-ing me when i told them i started working a day after graduation day. idk what were their expectations. im not working in oil n gas company or else have big salary per month. i just working as a kuli and get paid end of every month for not more that 2.5k/month for basic salary. but still i take all that positively. that is how malaysian people congratulate other people hehe. 

but for me, it was scary dudeeee. to work with talented and knowledgeable colleagues. to be surrounded with support members from Japan, China and also foreigner workers which all of them get affect my output due to inefficiency in my communication. plus my intern experience was limited and how the 1st two months I struggled and put my 100% sense in observing, learning, thinking, making decision, give instruction, dealing with supplier and be cool when boss kept chasing you of non compliance issue hahaha. 

but still, this 2 months experience never make me an 'ENGINEER'. i am still learning on how to become like one and that is why most of the companies have probation period for their new employees. to let us learn as much as we could before confirmation is made. 

so let me tell you this, never proud of becoming an engineer because you never know how stress you could reach in a day, you will work like a robot to achieve your KPI and output thus you will never expect what problems you need to troubleshoot in future in order to achieve excellent performance. you need to be a fast leaner, creative and innovative to develop new systems or make existing things work efficiently which are so far i did nothing for my company bahhahahaggshahha. once you step in this industry, only God knows your takdirrr sis tokdir. more steps ahead to call me Engineer. im still young, and still in probation period =p pray for me!!