Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pink Electric Bicycle

Hey guys. I just need a place to write my feeling. Sometime feelings cant be described. But this feeling really make me sick and i found the best way to describe it.

Yes, blog it!

I found the idea of riding a bicycle to campus last few days. I don't know. It comes and burn my mind.

I really need a bicycle. In advance I choose an electric concept. But why?
Okay 1stly I really hate to drive recently. Bosan. Orang lain nak kereta but I need a bicycle. Nak jadi budak2. Its weird but true, I hate driving.

2ndly, my campus is located within 5 mins from my home. Dekat. Enjin tak panas, dah sampai campus. The best way is just ride a bicycle. More fun I guess.

3rdly, I have to exersice. This fucking fat likes me so much and the way to nyahkan beliau adalah dgn cara mengayuh sampai keluar peluh. For health benefits of cause. Owh I should take this reason up to the 1st place. Pff

Just three reasons. My parents tak bagi. Alasan sebab keselamatan. I don't think the road is busy by all the time. Indeed, I always used the shortcut way. Less car or motorcycle.
And how to beg and comfirmize my dearest parents? I don't know.

Why I choose electric concept rather than choosing a normal gear bicycle?
Dude please, buy something that make you proud and special. Hahahahaha
Taklah, actually I really desperate to own this bicycle sbb I can use the electric power when I lost my power to pedal it. Haaa get my point? Tak lah susah if you all dah habis kelas, feel sleepy or less power boleh press je bicycle ni.

Plus the battery is rechargeable. So I don't have problem by feeding it with petrol or gas. Just electric. Bitch, electric murah lagi dari petrol pleaseee. Wkwkw

It comes with variety of volt and lifespan. I'm not sure what the limit of kilometer speed but I know the specifications by googling it of cause. A full charge maybe bertahan dalam 20-25km. Based on the country yg produce. Kalau besar capacity for storing the energy, mungkin lagi jauh boleh pergi.

So guys, tolong doakan lembut hati my parants utk bagi permission.
I really craving for this electric bicycle. Bonus in pink. Tak, wajib in pink. Hahaha
Bye. Have a nice day!

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