Sunday, January 13, 2013

End of Semester 3

Alhamdulillah, end of our semester 3 year 2. Thanks Allah for giving me this opportunity to stay here with lots of love and friends beside.  Thanks Friends, Best Friends, Classmates, Hockeymate, Utemmates. ihiks. Thanks for all those memories. Special wish to all my lecturers, thanks ajar benda baru dalam hidup saya =) may Allah bless you all dan dimurahkan rezeki. Dan insan yang berada dalam hati dan darah saya sejak ditiupkan nyawa, my Emak dan Ayah, love you both. <3 nbsp="nbsp">

okayy now. will be coming up with short briefing about my final examination that end up with so much dramas. seriusly, i didn't know and realize what did i do in answering the papers. kakakka. like usual lah kan. i hate examination like seriously. everything is against me -.- that is why.

it is better to leave it off. past is past, present is present and tomorrow is not yet come. the things that i suppose to do right now issssss to catch up anything i left from day one of study week sampai lah sekrang ni!pheww kemain joyah kan. kuikui

Yesterday, me and shushu or likely to be called as bambam went to have a little 'Merdeka Celebrating'. Kemainnnn nak celebration bagai. hottakola hanaaa. Makan KFC je pon. kehkeh. release stress sebab i tot banyak gila careless i did for the last paper, Technology Electric. the questions were nice but yes, not much practices and it become worse when you is overconfident in something. -.- *owh soryyyy tercakap lagi pulak pasal paper*

and here we gooo! layan gambar bangang2 saya kejap. actually it were something like candid pictures taken by bambam, candid yang tak berapa nak candid sangat sebenarnya hehee

bila saya stress, saya suka makan. - bambam
sebelom makan check in dulu - bambam

me is tembam too but how bambam got her name, tanya dia. kahkah. here again, wanna wish you bam, happy holidays and thanks to lean me your shoulder dan pinjamkan telinga awak when i really need it. =)

thanks to Suhailah OB jugak because she is the one who understand me a lot and honest friend i ever met. love u both la gilaaaaaaaaaaa. *nak type benda ni malu malu pulak rasanya. hope engkorang tak baca* hihihi

tutup chapter lama and start the new chapter of my journey. the next chapter will be the worst i bet. the time when i have to face my result for one whole semester. ya Allah, permudahkan kami. keluarkan segala rezeki yang telah Engkau tetapkan buat kami sejak di azali. redhakan hati kami. Amin =)

Happy Holiday uolllssss =)


Farhan Miqdad said...

macam tak sah kalau takde kepsi

qiuchungho said...

aku tak baca cuma layan gambar-gambar bangang kau kejap. kah kah kah :D