Sunday, December 30, 2012

Leave it to Allah

Assalamualikum dear people out there!

what's up? going through the days with nothing much better? study-week? assignments? project presentation? 

patient enough to face your life time? smarter enough to handle your problems? or maybe you are not going to live in this planet anymore? owh well, me is thinking about that once i have a chicky problem. beat me =(

alhamdulillah, the day of toughness with such a crazy people was already past. i am not going to tell you what was happened to me in details (fikir aib and dont want to take risks), cukup la uols tau i was in a big trouble with something and someone i dont ever expect to be happened. 

yes, saya dizalimi dan doa orang yang dizalimi insyaAllah dimakbulkan. i leave everything to Allah and He knows what i dont know. Dia ajar saya untuk jadi kuat dengan ketemukan saya dengan manusia seperti itu. Alhamdulillah ya Allah, i am stronger now. =)

*smile honestly to friends

it was really hard to turn back time to normal. i cried and cried over the whole night. cried in my solat, cried in front of Allah and my friend too. keep praying to Allah for giving me the strength and Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me a bunch of lovely friends! they wished me to be strong and sabar through twitter, whatsup, facebook. and also met me face to face just to make me cool down. thanks dear friends, for being there when i need that real support. although they did not know the exact story, they still gave the priceless supports. THANKS LOVE =)) 

*but sorry if i could not telling you the real story, because its hard for me to do so. but i believe, one fine day Allah will shows you who is right and wrong and saya dah redha + ikhlas dgn semua ni. 

now, my focus point is just to STUDY STUDY AND STIDO. ahaks. prays for our success, good luck in your final exam for those who start their battle this week. =D 


Farhan Miqdad said...

Steady lah gojes wkwwkkwkkwkwkwkwk

yarnae uute said...

gaga kuat!!!in sha Allah, pasti ada hikmahye nanti beb... =)

echa takashimaya said...

good luck :)