Monday, April 2, 2012

When Your Life Meet No More Big Smile

when your life meet no more big smile, it is the right time to hang out with old friends =)

currently bz with all this things (assignment, lab report, study but no revise). no time to update mine here. yeah, i don't know how to start. ok2., let start with, assalamulaikum kawan2. 

last Saturday, 24 March 2012 (april already hana) . me, sabiq, zaty and aman were celebrated fairus's  birthday.. fyi, semua tu adalah my LEADS family. those who don't know this big family, just click the link i put above.

my LEADS in UTeM

we went to zoo melaka, tanpa dirancang. just go with the love in heart and we spread it to all binatangs there!! tak kisah mana2 pon, janji dapat jalan2 dengan budak2 kecik 4 orang ni. hihi

we took too many pictures sampaikan dah tak tau nak pilih which one to upload. just go through the pics, because i let the pics to describe all my stories. =)

should i upload my pics more than this loving animals' picture? thehehii

hey guys, that was my first time naik atas kudaaaa! and i love it. serius. kesian hana kan kan, da 20 tahun baru nak rasa naik kudaaa. =) untunglah awak awak semua dah pernah rasa pegang kuda. 

Everything changed, then changed again. It's hard to find a friend. It's hard to find a friend, when suddenly i meet LEADS in my teen age.

this is my beloved friends. dari sekolah lagi, zaty should be my listener (wearing that purple kemaja). dorm sebelah sebelah. anything yang rasa mcm tak sedap badan, i should tell her! she was like my telinga nombor dua. hehe. when i heard that she will coming with me to utem, make our first degree, i was soooo gladd! ada jugak orang yang close to me kat utem nanti. hehe. 

and the other one, fairus. my hockey teammate! seriusly from form 1 dah rapat dengan dia. just nice, i admired her beb. such a lovely lady and and she is sooo productive! ahaha. that's mean, she is like mpp, pengawas, ketua rumah sukan, what they call ha? productive la kan? hehe. just love her style. till now, we still kawan baik and the most important thing is, i just love this two with no fixed reason!! tehheihihi. happy birthday fairus!! again n again!! =)

with abam sabiq and aman. baru nak rapat kat utem ni. kat sekolah dulu, gitu2 aje. alah, saya tak rapat sangat dengan bebudaks lelaki kat sekolah dulu. =)

little suprize party!!!

happy giler!! the whole day we dated mr happiness. when i see the pictures, i felt the happiness! happy, enjoy! awesome bebeh. you make my day! thanks a lot fairus, sabiq, zaty and aman. 
Without you, there'd be no sun in my sky, there would be no love in my life, there should be no world left of me =)

on that day, i just meet 5 new things!
-my first time i learned how to accept the happiness with no limit!
-my first time naik kudaaaaa!
-my first time masuk zoo dengan kawan2 sekolah dulu
-my first time makan domino pizzaaaaaaaa. thehihihi.
-my first time naik -kejadah-ape-namanya-atas-air-main-kayuh-kayuh-tu
such a loser. =P

thanks for viewing..

p/s : kan best kalau LEADS semua kat melakaaa =)


silfa said...

mane sorang lagi budak leads uTem? haha

hananotgojes said...

yg sorang tu tengah final. ehhe

Acul said...

wahh zoo melaka. da lame x pegi sini

hananotgojes said...

marilah pergi bersama :)