Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maria Elena Loves Me!

too gojes as well!

OW EM JI! MARIA LOVES ME!! omg omg. almost to faint. haha. sengal je. memang semua post, alhamdulilah kak Maria Elena ada masa nak reply. sangat teruja di situ sebab aku sgt la suka dia dari perbagai sudut! AWESOME! 

Her last update on peliks.blogspot was too gojes! i dont know how to describe it by words. i really like the post. mostly her point of view was the same with what i was thinking for at least 2 years ago (when i really think, what was the main point of wearing this hijab?). yaa, she talked about HIJAB

-you know people all actually know about the fact of they wearing hijab but actually not wearing it properly but then they just ignore it and come out with that fashion statement.- yah, i know it closely. i have to cover my aurat as long as i am a muslim. no accuses in this religious statement. when sometime i put this religious statement into the fashion statement. it's too 'melampau' that i can say! but kak maria was opened my mind. semua orang ada buat salah kan. nobody is be mention there, perfect is nobody but i can still go on with these perfect ways. 

i wear the hijab is just for covering my aurat and of cause i do it for Allah. fashion is still fashion but hijab is forever! thanks kak Maria for that beautiful opinions. insyaAllah, i try my best to wear the hijab properly without terlubang sini, terdedah sana. insyaAllah, pray for that changes. amin amin.

review of her: kak Maria memang awesome! she is such a cool blogger.i learnt too many from her. kadang2 sampai replay video2 kat youtube dia yg sangat la -S-E-N-G-A-L! haha. kak Maria mcam gila2 je kan. but dlm gila2 dia pon, still ada ilmu yang dia kongsikan dlm penulisan dia. i really love her! no doubt. idol remaja masa kini la i can tell you. ramai yang dah kenal kak Maria. yang dah pernah jumpa, yang dah pernah berbuka sama. owh.. i pon nak! i know her tru blog and of cause like others, i want to meet her and befriend with her.! 

ni antara the best komen to her latest update. ciplak dekat facebook page dia. just click HERE to view. it was cool sis. love it! 

 klik for tumbesaran :)

insyaAllah. Kak Maria will be role-model for all muslimah yang baru jinak2 nak cover all the aurat. I LOVE YOU KAK MARIA. *shouted again and again. walaupon i hanye silence reader sepenuh masa blog dia. haha. 

P/S : harap kak Maria tak jumpa la entri aku nih. fuh fuh. maluuuu :P


muhamad hanif said...


kemsalam dekat maria elena ok.


winna shinta said...

haha. wokeyh :D