Thursday, July 7, 2011

Like A Lesbo, tapi bukan (For Hanissa)

deq, thanks for being my sister -non biological-
ya, I know you don't have a facebook acc or even a blog. ( dah 7teen pon xhade :P ) But I really hope that someone is telling you how hard I be here without your messaging & calling. 

kalau nak imbau kenangan lama, ya I realized that I was so cruel to you. I didn't get the answer until now, how can I treat a sweet baby girl like that. You sangat manja ok. And sebab kan you terlalu manja tu la, I layan you macam ni. :P
hey Hanissa,
I ignored when you asked me something important. 
Made an annoying face when you were talking to me. 
Sulking when you have another 'sister' but I sendiri ada 'sister' lain. 
You were trying so hard to be nice with me, 
but i suddenly keen to change the situation to be more 'kejam'.
I gave you nothing for your last birthday.
I bought you nothing on my last visit. 
I didn't reply your message on your last holidays.
You cared of myself but sometime I didn't.
You spied my behavior to all my close friends but sometime I didn't.
You always remember this date (7 July) but sometime I didn't.
You ever cried for me but I didn't. 
When you were noobing, I was not there to cheer you up.
But when I was crying or moody, you were always be at my side to cool me down.
but I never do that! 

I am such a bad sister but no one can love you as much as I do now and forever. 
I am so so so sorry for doing all this. But I quiet sure you love me because no one ever treat you as I did. /wahaha and I never changed :P
Really enjoyed it and no turning back. You accept me as well as who am I. seriously I miss our spending time together. Thanks Allah for this fate. You are the one of the best people that I ever meet.  Now, you are 17. you are getting older and wider. Please don't forget me, your sister. 

I love You Hanissa. 
I really DO! 

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