Wednesday, May 4, 2011

sweet 19

i like blueberry cheese cake. nyum nyum 
present you :

my 'old' friend., yang giler menganjing.
happy girls with this heavy gift. ~tangan di dada mata ke atas~

taty, hana, citot, izzah 

VENUE: Pondok Blok C
DATE: 3 April 2011
OBJECTIVE: Celebrating Our Birthday La.

being the one who is born in the month that will not exist in KMJ. we decided to celebrate our birthday by ourselves before the coming birthday. its sound funny but i enjoyed it! haha
everyone bought 4 presents and wow, i got totally 3 gifts from this three beautiful kittens *memang la kan. dah tu je yang ade :P
cherish!~ million words of happiness for the celebration. we ate KFC n apple juice and finished it all for almost 2hours. :)

thanks friends for being there when i need a 'party'. hehe. thanks a lot. thanks for the gifts, thanks for giving me a chance to be more friendly with others. thanks for the quote that sometime i never get it from budak2 sekolah dulu. ~tangan di dada mata ke atas~ hahaha. thanks for being my strength for a year in matriculation.  thanks for cheering me up when i got despair. thanks fo the notes that sometime tak sempat nak salin. thanks for the assignment yang kadang2 terTIRU~ haha. thanks a lot friends. walaupon korang TAK SAYANG AKU, but I LOVE U FRIENDS.

tak lupa jugak kat classmates praktikum 39! i love u all nyah. the best! :) thanks for giving me the most beautiful memory and gave me a chance to be a part of you all lives. cheers 

berdiri dri kiri: izzah, diba, taty, hana, atin, farah, nana, citot
duduk dri kiri: dayah, mariam, ieja, hamk, khidir, teuw, haziq

Kenangan Terindah bersama Kalian Semua.
just one word : THANKS

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