Tuesday, May 3, 2011

graduation LOL

HOHOHO. lame dey tak update blog. cian my blog neh. tak berasap. and of cause la xde readers. am i right? haha. just done with one year foundation at matriculation college.
i am waiting for the result that will coming up on 18 May 2011. 
omaigodd. despair and loss hope sometimes. ya yaa, i not that genius but i really did my best on last exam. how come, cover all chapters in a day but lecturers do finish all that for the whole year? what do you all think? i am not that genius right. haha. 

tawakal and redha for my fate. Allah knows me better than i am. only Him can see my future. i just pray for the excellent. flying colors. no matter how hard i face my future, i believe there is a 'life'. good or instead? who knows? :)

for all matrix students, pray hard. insyaAllah, there is a way for you all to drive yourselves of. 

 with izzzah, taty, citot

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