Saturday, May 29, 2010

matriculation welcoming wish

welcome to KMJ
pre-university education
student of
Johor Matriculation College


LEADS 0509 
BATCH of 10/11

 life is too short
nothing more that a life

bestselling footwear

one song can spark a moment
one night to remember 
one destination to reach out
one mission was given up

the best moment is yet to be remove
if the bestiest overcome the best moment

friends make me happy
friends make me upset
friends keep me update
friends are golden!
happy when i got into them
upset when we can't jump into 1 conclusion
update when i am getting dumb

thnx kmj 4 accepting me to be one of the students
prays 4 me n friends


Hasrol Nizam said...

baru dapat masuk KMJ ke? pernah 2 kali pergi situ..nice place, n dekat dgn pekan..hehe :)

mr. junior said...

cam kenal je tempat nie..hehe

winna shinta said...

betul2. dekat dengan pekan. tu la pertama kali jejak kaki ke tangkak.

mr junior? kenal ke? ex student eyh? hehe